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Just a Blog: Language is Important

You would think this was a blog about the importance of the Ukrainian language - but it's not (although, knowing the Ukrainian language is important). It's about the importance of communicating in a major international language - English.

When the war began, the majority of interviews on every major news source was done in English. From those middle-managers to IT specialists to students who were streaming through the Polish border: they all expressed themselves in English. When Zelensky spoke to the world - they understood because he didn't really need a translator (although, he still uses one when he's stressed or anxious).

When the borders closed to Ukrainian men, it was Ukrainian women - and importantly, those Ukrainian women in Parliament - who toured the world speaking in front of governments, presidents, prime ministers, news anchors and citizens of the world, expressed the grief, horror and sadness that Ukrainians were going through. They were the ones who were shouting to all those important people that Ukraine needs weapons!

And that is the importance of education! Ukraine, years ago, understood that in order to be a global citizen and in order for foreigners to understand you and your culture, English was important. Yes, there are many Russians who know English but the level of competency of the English language is pretty impressive: 40/50 year old women could express what they saw in Mariupol, what they saw in Kharkiv, in Bucha, in Irpin. There was no need for someone to express their feelings for them.

Watching the news, I was constantly amazed at the level of proficiency of communication. It made me realize that Ukrainians want to be part of the European world - a world they have been striving to become members of for years! And so, I truly hope that Europe is ready to accept Ukraine as one of their member nations - as Ukrainians have already mastered their communication skills!

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