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Ep. 8 & 9 - Sources and Such

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Photo Credit (Episode 8)

Photo Credit (Episode 9)

Museum Featured in Episode 8:

* National Museum of the History of Ukraine (2 Volodymyrska St. Kyiv, Ukraine)

Museums Featured in Episode 9:

* Trypillian Culture Museum (10 Shevchenko St., Pereiaslav, Kyiv oblast). FYI: the website is not great

* Kyiv Regional Archeological Museum (12 Geroiv Trypillia St., Trypillia, Kyiv oblast)

Sources Used:

* Basically everything on the Trypillian Civilization Journal.

* Serhii Plokhy, Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine (2017)

* Paul Robert Magosci, A History of Ukraine (1996)

* Brian M. Fagan & Nadia Durrani, People of the Earth: An Introduction to World Prehistory (2013).

* Anvar Shukurov & Mykhailo Videiko, "The Evolving System of Trypillian Settlements" (2017)

* Mykhailo Videiko, "The 'Disappearance' of Trypillian Culture" in Documenta Praehistorica (2011).

* Johannes Muller, Knut Rassman & Mykhailo Videiko (eds), Trypillia Mega-Sites and European Prehistory: 4100-3400 BCE (2016)

* Nina Koliadenko, "Substantial Features of Trypillian Art Culture: History of Research" in National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts Bulletin (2016)

* Rosella Lorenzi, "7,000 Years Ago, Neolithic Optical Art Flourished" in NBC News (2008)

*Cornelia-Magda Mantu, "Cucteni-Tripolye Cultural Complex: Relations and Synchronisms with other Contemporaneous Cultures from the Black Sea Area" in Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica, (2000).

* Monica Groza, Georgeta Miu & Luminita Bejenaru, "Anatomical Descriptions of Human Remains Discovered in the Prehistorical Site of Cucuteni Culture at Poduri-Dealul Ghindaru" in Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii (2010)

* Sergiu Haimovici, "The Human Bone with Possible Marks of Human Teeth Found at Liveni Site" in Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica (2003).

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