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Ep. 7 Sources and Such

Photo Credit: Ivan Lyah


Some of Oleksandr Pahiria's publishing information can be found on:

* His new work, a 2 volume work entitled "Carpatho-Ukraine in the Czecho-Slovak

Republic Documents" can be found here.

Oleksandr also provided the photographs that were used in this article on Carpatho-Ukraine in Istorychna Pravda.

Also, please check out Museum "Territory of Terror" where you can find interviews from their "Living History" project, information about the Lviv Ghetto museum, archival documents (including documents and photos) and much, much more!


Articles and other Sources about Carpatho-Ukraine:

March 1939" in Canadian Slavonic Papers (1958)

* "80 років тому Карпатська Україна проголосила незалежність" in Istorychna Pravda (2019)

* First hand account from Michael Winch (English reporter) on his travels through Carpatho-Ukraine during this time can be found in his work "An Eye-Witness Account of the Carpatho-Ukraine Incident" (1939)

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