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Ep. 64 - Sources and Such

* V. Vernadsky, "Ukrainske Pytannia I Rosijska Hromadskist", Unpublished article (1915) in AN Archive

* Andrei V. Lapo, "Vladimir I. Vernadsky (1863-1945), Founder of the Biosphere Concept" in Int. Microbiol (2001)

* Oleksandr Rudiachenko, "Yuri Voronyj, Trymaty Rozmakh Kryl" in UkrInform (2020)

* "Ukrainian Doctors Which Changed the World" in Ukrainian Internet Portal

* "Paton Eugene Oskarovich" in Famous Alumni and Professors of NTUU KPI

* "Mykola Amasov Pamphlet" on Dnipro Medical University

* Maria Dmytrienko & Valerij Tomazov, Rid Patoniv (2013)

* Christopher Riley, "Rendezvous around the Moon" on BBC News (2009)

* Rodolfo Batista Negri, "A Historical Review of the Theory of Gravity - Assists in the Pre-Spaceflight Era" in Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering (2020)

* Alina Kuleba, "Chomu Bez Kondratiuka Amerykantsi b Ne Pobachyly Misiatsi" in I Poltavets (2023)

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