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Ep. 63 - Sources and Such

* Olga Metchnikoff, Life of Elie Metchnikoff (1921)

* "Ilya Mechnikov - Facts" on Nobel Prize Online

* Siamon Gordon, "Elie Metchnikoff: Father of Natural Immunity" in European Journal of Immunology (2008)

* Warfolomiy Savchuk, "The Naturalist I.P. Puljuj and the Discovery of Xrays" in The Global and the Local: The History of Science and the Cultural Integration of Europe (2006)

* Ihor Mayba, Roman Gaida, Robert Kyle & Marc Shampo, "Ukrainian Physicist Contributes to the Discovery of Xrays" in Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (1997)

* N. Mikloucho-Maclay, New Guinea Diaries, 1871-1883 (English translation), (1975)

* Anna Shnukal, "N.N. Miklouho-Maclay in Torres Strait" in Australian Aboriginal Studies (1998)

* Volodymyr Tsyp, "Yurii Drohobych v Konteksti Formuvannia Ukrainskoi Elity" in Day Kyiv (2003)

* Bohdan Strykaliuk, "Yurij Drohobych" in (2013)

* Lidia Livinska, "Fedir Pirotsky. Poltavchanyn, Yakyj Vynajshov Tramvai" in Istorychna Pravda (2011)

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