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Ep. 60 - Sources and Such

* Jamie Miller, "Educating the Filmmakers: The State Institute of Cinematography in the 1930s" in The Slavonic and East European Review (2007)

* George O. Liber, "Dovzhenko, Stalin and the (Re)creation of 'Shchors'" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1997)

* Gilberto Perez, "All in the Foreground: A Study of Dovzhenko's 'Earth'" in The Hudson Review (1975)

* Romana M. Bahry, "Subversions in Dovzhenko's 'Earth'" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (2011-2014)

* Serge Parajanov & Steven P. Hill, "Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors" in Film Comment (1968)

* Bohdan Nebesio, "'Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors': Storytelling in the Novel and the Film" in Literature/Film Quarterly (1994)

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