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Ep. 59 - Sources and Such

Photo Credit

* Nestor the Chronicler, The Primary Chronicle

* Pavel V. Lukin, "The Veche and the 'Council of Lords' in Medieval Novgorod: Hansaetic and Russian Data" in Russian History (2014)

* Petr S. Stefanovich, "The Political Organization of Rus in the 10th Century" in Jahrbucher fur Geschichte Osteuropas (2016)

* Michael C. Paul, "Was the Prince of Novgorod a 'Third-Rate Bureaucrat' after 1136" in Jahrbucher fur Geschichte Osteuropas (2008)

* Olga Sevastyanova, "In Quest of the Key Democratic Institution of Medieval Rus: Was the Veche an Institution that Represented Novgorod as a City and a Republic?" in Jahrbucher fur Geschichte Osteuropas (2010)

* Vitaliy Scherbak, Ukrainske Kozatstvo: Formuvannia Sotsialnoho Stanu (2000)

* Istoria Ukrainskoi Kultury (2001)

* Wladyslaw A. Serczyk, "The Commonwealth and the Cossacks in the First Quarter of the 17th Century" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1978)

* Andrzej Kaminski, "The Cossack Experiment in Szlachta Democracy in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: THe Hadiach (Hadziacz Union)" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1977)

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