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Ep. 5 Sources and Such

The Blue and Yellow Maple Leaf

Trailer for A Canadian War Story. More information and ticket sales found here.

Photo Credit: Marko Blažević


Kyiv Restaurant Suggestion:

The Famille "Tres Francais" Restaurants:

*Tres Francais (Kostolna St, 3, Kyiv)

*Très Branché (Mykoly Lysenka St, 4, Kyiv)


Oral History Sources:

Ukrainians in the Canadian Armed Forces Site on the Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Center which includes:


Written Sources:

*Canadian Virtual War Memorial on the Veterans Affairs Website.

*Larysa Zariczniak, "Maple Leaf and the Trident" in Ukrainian Week (2013).

*Governor General of Canada, Order of Military Merit (1975).

*Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Joseph Romanow Obituary, (2011)

*"Ukrainian Canadian Military Contributions in World War II" in New Pathway (2015)

*Roman Yereniuk, "The Ukrainian Canadian Chaplaincy during World War Two" in Canadian Ethnic Studies (2015)

*Almanac of Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen on the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation Site (1946)

*"Canadians Share Family Connections to Dieppe Raid" in Globe and Mail (2012)

*"Ukrainian Canadians Played a Major Role in D-Day" in New Pathway (2019)

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