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Ep. 45 - Sources and Such

For a copy of a list of those who were killed in the Lonsky Prison in June 1941, you can check their online "List of Shooting Victims"

* Ksenya Kiebuzinski & Alexander Motyl (eds), The Great West Ukrainian Prison Massacre of 1941 (2017)

* Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, "The Wehrmacht Bureau on War Crimes" in The Historical Journal (1992)

* Irina Paperno, "Exhuming the Bodies of Soviet Terror" in Representations (2001)

* "Mass Shootings of 1941" on Lonsky Prison Museum Online

* Jennifer Popowycz, "The 1941 NKVD Prison Massacre in Western Ukraine" on National WWII Museum

* Natalia A. Feduschak, "Lviv Museum Recounts Soviet Massacres" on Kyiv Post (2010)

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