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Ep. 44 - Sources and Such

* Murat Iyigun, "Lessons from the Ottoman Harem on Culture, Religion and Wars" in Economic Development and Cultural Change (2013)

* Marc David Baer, "The Great Fire of 1660 and the Islamization of Christian and Jewish Space in Istanbul" in International Journal of Middle East Studies (2004)

* Amy Singer, "Serving up Charity: The Ottoman Public Kitchen" in The Journal of Interdisciplinary History (2005)

* Amy Singer, "The Mulknames of Hurrem Sultan's Waqf in Jerusalem" in Muqarnas (1997)

* Nina Rattner Gelbart, "Adjusting the Lens" in Early Modern Women (2016)

* Lucienne Thys-Senocak, Ottoman Women Builders (2017)

* Muzaffer Ozgules, The Women who Built the Ottoman World (2017)

* Christiane Czygan, "Depicting Imperial Love: Love Songs and Letters between Sultan Suleyman (Muhibbi) and Hurrem" in Suleyman the Lawgiver and his Reign (2020)

* Oleksandra Shutko, Roksolana: Zhytiepys (2020)

* Oleksandra Shutko, Roksolana: Mify ta Realii (2016)

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