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Ep. 40 - Sources and Such

Photo Credit

* Volodymyr Barov, "From Sisters of Mercy to Soldiers: Women in the Ukrainian People's Republic Army" in Istorychna Pravda (2021)

* Dmytro Shurkhalo, "Female Figures of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921" in Radio Svoboda (2019)

* Petro Mirchuk, Narys Istorii OUN (1968)

* Natalia Voloshyn, "These are Our Girls - the Sich Riflemen" in Mij Ridnyj Kray (2014)

* Solomiia Podilska, "Khrystyna Sushko: How One Woman Fought - UNR Army Officer" in Armia Inform (2020)

* A.F. Kutsy, "Military Activities of the Operational UNR Army in Left Bank Ukraine in January 1919 (as Exampled by Roman Sushko's Shock Group)" in Lvyv Polytechnic National University Journal (2013)

* Olesya Khromeychuk, "Ukrainians in the German Armed Forces During the Second World War" in History (2015)

* Andrii Bolianovskyi, "Cooperation between the German Military of the Weimar Republic and the Ukrainian Military Organization, 1923-1928" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1999)

* Pawel Markiewicz, "Volodymyr Kubijovych's Ethnographic Ukraine: Theory into Practice on the Western Okraiiny" in Jahrbucher fur Geschichte Osteuropas (2016)

* Ihor Sribniak, "Unsigned Victory" in Our Life (2018)

* Yevhen Konovalets and His Age (1974)

* Khrystyna Ovad, Col. Roman Sushko (2006)

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