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Ep. 32 - Sources and Such

The Winter that Changed Us Video:


* Coilin O'Connor & Halyna Tereshchuk, "The Revolution on Granite: Ukraine's First Maidan" on Radio Free Europe (2020)

* Valentyn Torba, "The Lesson of the Revolution on Granite" on Den Kyiv (2016)

* Paul R. Magosci, A History of Ukraine (1996)

* Adrian Karatnycky, "Letter from Kiev: On Independence Square" in The American Scholar (2005)

* Michael Mcfaul, "Ukraine Imports Democracy: External Influences on the Orange Revolution" in International Security (2007)

* Tristan Landry, "The Colour Revolutions in the Rearview Mirror: Closer than They Appear" in Canadian Slavonic Papers (2011)

* Emily Channell-Justice, "Flexibility and Fragmentation: Student Activism and Ukraine's (Euro)Maidan Protests" in Berkeley Journal of Sociology (2014)

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