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Ep. 29 - Sources and Such

Tourist Information:

* Kyiv Pecherska Lavra (15 Lavrska St. Kyiv, 01015)

Source Information:

* Anne Applebaum, "The Reason Putin Would Risk War" in The Atlantic (2022)

* Joshua A. Sanborn, "Russian Imperialism, 1914-2014: Annexationaist, Adventurist or Anxious?" in Revolutionary Russia (2014)

* A. Morrison, "How Modern was Russian Imperialism?" in Empire and After: Essays in Comparative Imperial and Decolonization Studies (2012)

* Mykola Riabchuk, "Ukrainians as Russia's Negative 'Other': History Comes Full Circle" in Communist and Post-Communist Studies (2016)

* Serhy Yekelchyk, "The Ukrainian Meanings of 1918 and 1919" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (2019)

* Nikolas K. Gvosdev, "Ukraine's Ancient Hatreds" in National Interest (2014)

* Roman Szporluk, "Lenin, 'Great Russia' and Ukraine" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (2006)

* Jacobus Delwaide, "Identity and Geopolitics: Ukraine's Grappling with Imperial Legacies" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (2011-2014)

* Elena Kropatcheva, "Russian Foreign Policy Towards Ukraine: a Case of New Imperialism?" in Eurasian Empire: Literature, Historical and Political Responses to Russian Rule in the 20th Century Conference (2006)

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