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Ep. 25 - Sources and Such

Travel Options:

* Khotyn Fortress (32 Nezalezhnosti St. Khotyn, Chernivtsi oblast, 6000)



* Orest Subtelny, "Peter I's Testament: A Reassessment" in Slavic Review (1974)

* Alla Lazareva, "For the Freedom of the Ukrainian Nation, for the Peace of Europe" in Ukrainian Week (2014)

* Vladimir Tsup, "Odysseia Krestnyka Mazepy" in Odesskaia Obschaia Hazeta

* Taras Marusyk, "Hryhir Orlyk" in Ukraina Moloda (2006)

* Hanna Cherkaska, "Marshal Frantsiji - Ukrajinskyj Hetmanych" in UA Modna (2015)

* "Hryhor Orlyk" in Encyclopedia of Ukraine

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