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Ep. 21 - Sources and Such

Intellectual Cafes of Kyiv:

* Kupidon (Pushkinska St, 1-3, Kyiv, 00101)

* Bud'mo (Mykhailivs'ka St, 22, Kyiv, 02000)

* Yaroslava (Yaroslaviv Val St, 13, Kyiv, 01034)



* Roman Olynyk, "Panteleimon Kulish and his Yevgenii Onegin Nashego Vremeni" in Canadian Slavonic Papers (1967)

* George S. N. Luckyj, "Is Shevchenko a Symbol of Universal Freedom?" in Comparative Literature Studies (1964)

* Marko Pavlyshyn, "For and Against a Ukrainian National Literature: Kostomarov's Sava Chalyi and Its Reviewers" in The Slavonic and East European Review (2014)

* George G. Grabowicz, "Insight and Blindness in the Reception of Sevcenko: The Case of Kostomarov" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1993)

* Dennis Papazian, "N.I. Kostomarov and the Cyril-Methodian Ideology" in The Russian Review (1970)

* Paul Robert Magosci, A History of Ukraine (1996)

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