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Ep. 19 - Sources and Such

Photo Credit

Museums Options in Kyiv:

* Oleh Antonov State Aviation Museum (2 Medova St. Kyiv, 03048)

* National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War (24 Lavrska St. Kyiv, 01015)



* Serhii Plokhy, Forgotten Bastards of the Eastern Front: American Airmen behind the Soviet Lines and the Collapse of the Grand Alliance (2019)

* John T. Correll, "The Poltava Debacle" in Air Force Magazine (2011)

* David Stubblebine, "Operation Frantic" in World War II Database (2021)

* Mark J. Conversino, "Operation Frantic" in Air Power History (1991)

* Richard R. Muller, "A Tale of Two Bomb Groups" in Air Power History (2019)

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