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Ep. 17 - Sources and Such

A majority of projects that Marichka Marczyk has been involved with (there's a lot):

Folk Songs of Ukraine (a digital archive of Ukrainian folk songs - if you have anything from you grandparents or parents, please send them off to Marichka!)

Lemon Bucket Orkestra - Toronto's original guerrilla-folk party-punk massive!

Balaklava Blues - ethno-bass live set with live singing to original EDM, trap, trance and electro-pop influenced tracks

URGNT - curated platform to present and support the best of Toronto's musicians

Counting Sheep - an electrifying exploration of human resilience that was Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity in a guerrilla folk opera form

Bozhychi - a musical folk ensemble that studies and reproduces the ancient song and dance-instrumental traditions of Ukraine

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