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Ep. 15 - Sources and Such

Some of the Pubs of Kyiv:

* O'Briens Irish Pub (17a, Mikhalivska St. Kyiv)

* Cooper's Pub (2 Mikhalivska St. Kyiv)



* Meredith Woo-Cumings (ed), The Developmental State (1999)

* Ziya Onis, "The Logic of the Developmental State" in Comparative Politics (1991)

* Neil A. Abrams & M. Steven Fish, "Dethroning Ukraine's Oligarchs: A How-To Guide" in Foreign Policy (2016)

* Marek Dabrowski, "Ukraine's Oligarchs are Bad for Democracy and Economic Reform" in Bruegel Organization (2017)

* Andrew Wilson, "Survival of the Richest: How Oligarchs Block Reform in Ukraine" in European Council on Foreign Relations (2016)

* Timothy Ash, Janet Gunn et. al., "The Struggle for Ukraine" in Chatham House Report (2017)

* Olha Kutyshenko, "Research: How Oligarchs Affect the Economy of Ukraine" in LB.UA (2017)

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