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Ep. 14 - Sources and Such

Photo Credit: Modernyj Korovai (Ottawa)


Travel Options:

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine (Vulytsya Akademika Tronʹka, Kyiv)



* Iryna Ihnatenko, Ethnology for the People: Holidays, Traditions, Customs, Rights, Signs, Beliefs of Ukraine (2016)

* Encyclopedia of Ukraine, "Wedding"

* Koko Rakowsky, "Tanya Stachniw and Koko Rakowsky’s Wedding" on

* "Ukrainian Wedding Traditions" on Ukrainian People (2017)

* Patricia Robin Woodruff, "The Crowning - A Slavic Pagan Handfasting or Wedding" on Inner Art Spirit online (2017)

* Svitlana Kukharenko, "Negotiating Magic: Ukrainian Wedding Traditions and Their Persistence in Canada" in Canadian Slavonic Papers (2008)

* W. Stscherbakiwskyj, "The Early Ukrainian Social Order as Reflected in Ukrainian Wedding Customs" in The Slavonic and East European Review (1953).

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