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Ep. 12 - Sources and Such

Tourist Attractions:

* Khortytsia Island - Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine


* Serhiy Makhun, "Mercenary Cossacks in the Service of European States" in Ukraina Incognita (2000)

* Serhiy Makhun, "Cossacks in Europe" in Ukraina Incognita (1999)

* Frank Sysyn, "The Reemergence of the Ukrainian Nation and Cossack Mythology" in Social Research (1991)

* Louis Petiniaud, "The Cossacks and Their Legacy as National Symbols in Post-Maidan Ukraine" in ASN World Convention (2015)

* Tetyana Bureychak & Olena Petrenko, "Heroic Masculinity in Post-Soviet Ukraine: Cossacks, UPA and 'Svoboda'" in East/West Journal of Ukrainian Studies (2015)

* I.U. Erokhin, "Foundations for the Territories of the Cossacks" in International Research Journal (2014)

* "Cossacks" in Encyclopedia of Ukraine

* Tetyana Matychak, "Why are Cossacks Key to Understanding the Ukrainian Nation?" in Ukraine World (2019)

* Volodymyr Holobutsky, Zaporozhke Kozatstvo (1994)

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