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Ep. 10 - Sources and Such

Travel Options for you in this episode:

* St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, 8 Triokhsviatytelska St, Kyiv



* Matt Robinson, "Kiev Monastery a Sanctuary for the Bloodied and Bruised" in Reuters (2014)

* Mark Whittow, "The Making of Byzantium, 600-1025" (1996)

* Francis Butler, "A Woman of Words: Pagan Olga in the Mirror of Germanic Europe" in Slavic Review (2004)

* Miroslav Lubanka, "Religious Centers and their Missions to Kievan Rus: From Olga to Volodimer" in Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1988/1989)

* Primary Chroincle (Laurentian Text)

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