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Bonus Ep. Sources and Such

Photo Credit: Olia Gozha


* Anna Maxymiw, "Why I Carry on the Traditions of Ukrainian Christmas" in The Globe and Mail (2020).

* Margaret Prouse, "Tradition of Ukrainian Christmas" in The Guardian (2014).

* "Ukrainian Christmas Traditions" in Ukrainian People (2017).

* "Christmas" on Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

* Ruslan Pawluk & Natalka Leshchenko, Ukrainian Culture. Festivals, Traditions, Customs (2015)

* "Chef says borscht is '100 per cent' Ukrainian - and asks UNESCO to back up his claim" on CBC As It Happens (2020)

* Andrew Evans, "Who Really Owns Borsch?" on BBC Travel (2019)

I mentioned how Ukrainians in the Diaspora like to go caroling, well here's a video that proves it as Kosa Kolektiv and Lemon Bucket Orkestra sing a carol in 2014

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